Who Are We

This is dedicated to the best group of friends a person could ever have. Most of us served together at one time or another in the USAF. We were called Weapons Control Systems Mechanics. Fancy name for a difficult job. We worked on one of the  most sophisticated airplanes and weapons delivery system of its time. The F-4 C/D Phantom II. For those that know about the Phantom, all of the people in this picture were instrumental in keeping and making one of the most famous F-4 do its job. F-4 D 463. The only F-4 Ace of the Vietnam War with 6 confirmed kills. She was the sweetest plane I ever worked on.

My oldest friend is Alex. He is on the left kneeling wearing the black shirt. Alex and I went to Tech School together at Lowry AFB Denver Colorado. We started school in early 1971.

All but one of the rest of this gruesome group was stationed at Udorn Thailand from 1973 to 1974. Those were the days. The best thing about us getting together was that after 30+ years it was as if we had never been apart.

Curt is standing in the second  row far right with the grey shirt. I was stationed at George AFB in California with him the guy next to him, Jeff, and the guy behind them, Rick,  in the picture.

Oh by the way  for those who do not know me I am the short fat fellow standing second from the left last row of the picture. I wasn't always that heavy, but I guess time and other things have taken their toll on this body.


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