Reunion Photos

Pictures from the reunion



This is a picture of 3 Rivers. It was taken by Jeff Deibler and it is the exact spot where Lewis and Clark stood when they discovred it, like it was ever lost.. Nice pic Jef

The crew minus 1

Here we are outside Margaritaville in Universal. Alex you missed this picture. We will get you next time!!!!

The refreshments

So they told me there was going to be food at this thing....

The gang

Here we are at the hotel. Motley looking bunch ain't we




Jeff and Curt


Attacking the elevator

This was the scariest ride the whole time we were there

Thai Restaurant

Bill got a personal invite to the Kitchen. If you are in Orlando and like Thai food, look this place up it is worth the trip!

The Bartender

Small temple inside the restaurant

Alex next to temple

Ben next to Temple

Thai Dancers

What would a trip down memory lane be without a good thai dance????

Rick and Curt

Good friends and good food what more is there to life

Jay and Jeff

Dont you feel the love????


Greatest friend a man could have

Jay, Jeff and Clint

3 Really good friends and brothers!

Beached Whale

Beached whale again, Ben and Glenn


Good man

Jay, Alex, Rick and Clint

What a great time we all had

Curt, Clint, Rick and Jeff

Me Clint and Ben

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