Udorn Photo Gallery

Pictures From Udorn 1973-1974


Chuck and Jack



Glenn, ? and Clint

A sweety, Jay and Glenn

? and Jack

? and ?

Gone fishing!

Peel off....what a sight!!!

F-4 E

The Tower

The local SUV

And they are low on gas!

Local transportation

Anyone here remember the Samlar races????

Entrance to the compound

Lakeside Property


A Movie bill board. What would Thailnd be without them

Air America here we come

One of the Figther squadrons

bombs anyone?

This is 463 after she downed a drone in the PI.

Anyone want to go daisy picking?

The extensions were used to ensure the entire bomb blew up above ground. Very effective for anti personel

George, John, Rick, Jack and Clint

George, Clint and Jeff

It looks very confusing...

This is a piture of the an/apq 109/165 Airborne Weapons Control System. There were a small group of people selected to work on this equipment. A very select few.

The gang

Did someone say TV guided??? These became known to the general public during the first Gulf War. Remember these were taken in 1973!

Jeff, Ben and George

463 in the Cal Docks

She still was the sweetest bird I ever worked on!!


This papasan chair was my place to unwind and.....


What would pictures of Thailand be without some of these? Sawadee!!

Jeff, George and Jay

This was not really there. You are just imagining it

A thing of beauty


Ricks 432 AMS WCS hat

Jack and Rick

The compound guard.


First real dead head I ever met. Turned me on to Gerry Garcia. Keep on Trucking My Friend!!

Rick, George and Jeff

Tom Krone

Another good friend

Rick, John, Jeff and Glenn

Me listening to band

Preston, Me, Tim and Mike H (CMOR)

This was when I went back the second time. Tim is no longer with us, may he rest in peace my brother.

Preston, samlar, Me and samlar.

Tim and I used to have races with these 2 samlars...those were scary days!!!

Bob Welty and wife

The Mariposa Inn

This was the place that Rick, Jeff, Jerry and I shared in Victorville California. It was the un-official WCS party house at George AFB

Nice Pic


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