2005 WCS Gorilla Reunion


Here are the Fighting 10. Just kidding, but honestly here are the attendees to the "First WCS Gorilla" Reunion. I know there will be more, but us 10 will always have been the first. I am a lucky man to have such a great group of friends. Other then my family, these guys have made my life worthwhile. To know them is to truly love them. Thanks Brothers!!


One of the coolest people on the planet. When I stepped off the airplane in California the day before my discharge he was standing there to greet me.


Jeff, the first person I found in my quest to pull us all together again. We only live 3 hours away, yet we did not see each other for almost 23 years.


I called this guy after 30 years and said hey this is Mike do you remember me, and what does he say? Hell yeah how the hell could I forget you!. Now that’s a friend! We are going to do Amsterdam one day Bro I promise!!


What can I say about this guy. We were close in the past and separated in a bad way. We did not speak for years and I was afraid to contact him. Getting his number and calling him was one of the hardest and smartest things I have ever done in my adult life. Rick you are da man!!


Another one of the mistakes I have made in my life. Come to find out too many years too late that one of the reasons me and Ben did not get along that great when we were younger is because of how much alike I think we really are. I am glad I have matured enough to put the stupid side of me away and brought this guy back into my life


Here he is, My man Jay. Great friend, funny man, one of the best people you could ever meet. He may have gotten older like the rest of us, but he is still the young Jay we all loved. Never change my friend!! I hope we get a chance to ride together in Jersey again. Maybe we can go to Jeffs' and get him to ride with us!


I spent very little time with Clint when we were in Thailand, but the little time I did left an impression that lasts to this day. It was great to see him again and to just talk. People like Clint are hard to find. I would say he is one of a kind, but this reunion has taught me that there are a few around like him. But not many!!


This man has the biggest audio library I have ever seen. The patience it musty have taken for him to amass it is overwhelming. There is going to be a bunch of us listening to the best collection of Rock music ever assemble in one library ever thanks to this man. It would not have been the same without you pal. Thanks for being there


This man always did and still has a smile on his face. I rarely have seen him without it. With people like this around you how could you ever be unhappy?? Keep smiling my friend it looks good on you!


Just me. Those of you that know me insert your comments here. Those of you that don’t, our loss I say!

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