Harrys' Photo Gallery



Can you say hot!

Harry sitting on the Wing

Harry and friend

Good Friends

Harry and Howard Hewlett

Alex in front cockpit

Some of the gang

Ed Syphers, pooying, pooying, Alex Lubben, Bob Welty, JEEP, Harry Maisch, Jeep

The flightline

It was an awesome airplane

Who remembers autographing the radome

This is something we all did. We signed our names in the radome. At least those of us the were proud of what we did!

I bet the bird won this one

Harry going native.

I think we all did this at one point or the other

Tell me that don't look awesome

Off we go

Quiet time on the line

Guess where all the planes were????

Nice going Harry

I guess this was one of his more cooperative planes...LOL

Harry hanging with an Aim 9

Just coming back

You dont't want to be here when the engines are running

Stripped Bare

What we looked at for many many hours...

Coming back

Alex relaxing in the Green Monster (The Shop)

The Field Shop

The Gang

Bow Welty, Bill Brown, Glenn Mulholland, Jerry Price and Chuck Wehn. I have actually been in contact with all but Bill Brown. I wish I could find that guy!

Alex and Bill Brown

Two real good friends...Love you guys

Alex on the Wing

You going to take that one home with you bud?

Bill Brown

Wish I could find this guy. If anyone knows his location let me know. He was origianlly from Michigan

Bob Welty

Harry Maisch, Bob Welty, Alex Lubben and Ed Syphers


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